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Born in Prague, I spent the first half of my life in this city. After receiving a master's degree in civil engineering, I decided I wanted to see the world, traveled extensively, lived in Denver, CO for a while and finally settled down in Canada, got homesick some 20 years later and returned to my homeland.

Upon my arrival in the Czech Republic in 2002, I felt a bit like a foreigner in my native Prague and that was a turning point in my life: the only way to deal with this slightly schizophrenic feeling was by searching for my roots, for my identity. I found all that in history studies, got all the necessary certificates and reinvented myself as a dedicated guide. I still study history, specialize in Judaism and am one of the few guides licensed by The Prague Jewish Museum.

I am sought after for my extensive knowledge of Prague's historical and architectural monuments and also for the fact that I can relate to you in terms of your perception of Bohemia as a foreign country whilst being a bona fide insider at the same time. Initially, my guiding activities were limited to Prague alone but my clients' queries regarding other places worth visiting prompted me to put together the 'Renaissance Tour' and the 'Bohemian Rhapsody Tour' shortly after. Right now, I am putting a finishing touch to the 'Bohemian Paradise Tour' which covers a picturesque area not far from Prague.

There are about 300 monuments of the Jewish Heritage in Bohemia and Moravia including the Trebic Jewish Quarter which made it to the UNESCO World Heritage List. The itinerary of the 'Under the Star of David Tour' was finalized in 2008.
Being Czech and a certified guide on top of that, I can give you a unique and special insight into our culture, history, language and folklore. Another bonus is that having lived and studied abroad, I am fluent in English.

As a private guide, I can provide you with a customized tour tailored to your individual requirements and interests or, if not quite sure, you can choose one of the tours listed here.

Business ID (mandatory in Czech Republic): Name: Petr Zidek, Address: Kubisova 6, 182 00 Praha 8 Business License ID: 71374400 Tax ID: CZ51041332 Valid from: Jan 10, 2005 License Number: 320901-31078


Petr Zidek, private guide
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